Wednesday, March 4, 2020

A new Spacesuit for Starliner Astronauts

A new Spacesuit for Starliner Astronauts The astronauts are also trendy The media always talks and writes about the latest fashion for men and women of some business jobs, but what about the latest trend in clothes for the astronauts? Do you know that the new high quality spacesuit was unveiled for the Starliner Astronauts recently? Boeing presented its new spacesuit The representatives of the company Boeing informed about their new production - a new spacesuit, which is more comfortable and simpler, than the previous one. It is very good, as the more complicated design can have much more chances to break easily. The designers realized that some parts of the old spacesuit are just unnecessary. This suit meets all the requirements of NASA for functionality and safety. It introduces all the up-to-date innovations. Among the advances of the spacesuit`s design are: vents, which allow astronauts to be cooler, touchscreens-sensitive gloves, which are made of material, that makes such interaction with touchsceens real, visor, and helmet incorporated into the suit. It is lighter and more flexible due to the new joint patterns and advanced materials. The peculiarities of the new Starliner suit There is more material in the knees and elbows, so the astronauts will be able to move easier. The astronauts will be able to move easier, as there is much material in the knees and elbows. This new material allows water vapor to pass out of the suit, which makes it cooler. You can adapt the shape of the suit when seated or standing thanks to the strategically located zippers. There are some special communication systems under the helmet. The booties are also the inalienable part of the whole spacesuit. The new spacesuit will definitely keep the astronaut alive, which is the most important aspect. It is as safe as it is functional. The full suit weighs about 20 pounds with all its accessories. It was tested by the astronauts to make sure, that their work in the spacecraft will be easy and efficient to complete. This spacesuit has a function of the emergency backup to the spacecraft`s redundant life support systems. The new spacesuit was modeled by Chris Ferguson, who is a director of Crew and Mission Systems for Boeing and a former astronaut. The space technology is definitely moving forward This latest suit technology will be used by the astronauts, who are going to head into orbit aboard Boeing`s Starliner spacecraft. They will be taken to the space station by operational Commercial Crew missions. NASA will be able to have more time for its research and science. NASA doesn`t want to pay Russia a lot of money for their spacesuits and rockets in order to launch US astronauts. There are two companies – Boeing and SpaceX, which made a contract with NASA. They should launch the astronauts to the International Space Station as soon as 2018. Nowadays, Boeing is testing the CST-100 Starliner spacecraft, which will be able to carry up to seven astronauts, and SpaceX is working on the Dragon spacecraft. This new spacesuit is one of the most important parts of the Starliner system. It is aimed at protecting the whole generation of the astronauts, which will have the opportunity to reach such destinations, as Mars or asteroid.

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